Pemuda Ini Mempertahankan Warga Bangladesh Dari Dikasari

Terbaca dari perkongsian rakan-rakan di facebook berkenaan satu post yang menceritakan pengalaman seorang pemuda yang melayan dengan baik 3 warga Bangladesh yang datang ke farmasinya. 3 warga Bangladesh ini dihantar oleh seorang pemandu teksi ke farmasinya tetapi layanan pemandu teksi kepada mereka membuatkan pemuda ini berasa kesal dan sedih.


Sebetulnya memang mereka ini warga asing di bumi bertuah ini. Mereka adalah manusia yang sama seperti kita yang hidup di muka bumi. Mereka selayaknya mendapat layanan yang selayaknya manusia terima. Tetapi kebanyakan dari kita warga bumi bertuah ini bersikap kasar terhadap mereka seperti mereka ini terlalu hina di mata kita. Ada beberapa kes saya perhatikan mereka ini dilayan dengan buruk sekali hanya semata-mata mereka adalah warga Bangladesh. Berikut adalah coretan Syed Azmi tentang hakikat layanan sesetengah ‘bangsa’ kita terhadap mereka.


Pemuda Ini Mempertahankan Warga Bangladesh Dari Dikasari

Today is one of the most touchy days of my life. Its Saturday. Most foreign workers day out here. Today a group.of Bangladeshis came into my shop headed by a malay car driver.

5 of them.
I look at them and they look at me.

“Ni ha, baru sampai ni, tak pandai cakap Melayu, Abg Mi hentam aje lah bagi ubat apa, kalau mahal sangat saya bayar dulu, nanti saya kutip hutang diorang”
He wave his hand at these men and say “Speak! Speak!- he doctor. He help you”

They look scared. They look confused.

I on the other hand was disgusted with the Malay chap. Macam gengster kampong. No let me correct this, like a slavery scene of a cotton farm. Yup, I am disgusted.
I told him, its ok, why not he goes and have Cendol next door on me. Paid him extra for kueh. Off he goes. I think he thinks I like him very much. I don’t care, just leave.

Now I look at them. They are sweaty, smelly and haggard.

“English? ”
One nodded.

Ok. Set. Lets do this.

Relax, just us. Your driver is out.

The Bangladeshi guy who can speak English starts yo speak.

“My name Navid. We are from Bangladesh. Work in furniture factory. All itchy. Whole body”

All showed actions where they are itching. Ok. Scabies and some fungal infections.

I showed them some options. They just nodded. We agree on something. Good.

Then Navid showed to 2 of them and they showed me a different type of eczema. Ok. Add in some creams. First guy seems happy.
But the second guy just look at me.

Anything wrong.
Suddenly tears swells up. He start to cry.

Now I am alarmed. I look at Navid.
Navid talk to him. Why?

Navid explain that this boy is new here about 2months. Back home, no itchy. Here itchy and more itchy down part. I think he miss home.

Ok ok ok. I look at him. I ask his name.

Alim. Ok. Muslim? Yes muslim.
I told him I am a muslim too.

I said to him, I will give him some liquid soap and cream for his fungal infections. and I also told him to relax a bit. Your worrying will aggravate the itchy. Ada paham? (there were a lot of hand gestures involved)

He said something and Navid said “You talk nicely to people. Here most people very rough. Thank you sir”

The malay driver cameback. Amacam? Bagi je ubat mahal. Diorang ni kotor tak bersih ni mana tak sakit kudis ni.

I just could not stand it.
“Abang, duit dia laku kan? Dia bayar guna duit, bukan air liur. Selagi duit dia halal bersih saya terima. Abg patut pikir camtu. Diorang ni bayar naik kereta abang, bukan naik free”

He kept quiet.

All the Bangladeshis said thank you to me. They all paid themselves.

Alim said, “so nice. Thank you”
I ask him to smile. He gave a big smile.

On the other side of the world, its somebody’s son, husband, father or brother. They are no different than us. They were just born at a different continent under a different circumstances. But one thing I know, God love us all.

One of them might even be my brother. Wud I want anyone to treat my brother like shit just because of how different they are from us? Think about it.

The imbecile who ridiculed them to me, just a jaguh kampong in this village. Try datang Taman Tun Dr Ismail and act like that, then u know.

We are blessed really. So, show a little bit of kindness. Be humble, be kind. It doesn’t cost much.

Yup some can be rude. Really. So does that mean we should be rude too? Nope, be firm, defend your turf and speak up what is right, what is wrong. Teach.

It saddens me to see how the Malay driver treats them. The more arrogance and smug he show, the more I feel responsible to show the other side of the coin.

We shape the society. Its us who shapes it. There is no such thing as a bad race. Just bad people.

I am working tomorrow and surely loads of foreigners as well. I am going to treat them extra nice tomorrow. Will share it with you guys soon.

Syed Azmi imagining himself as the foreign worker. Sebak terus.

PS: I am not a doctor.

Bersama-samalah kita menyebarkan kasih sayang sesama makhluk di muka bumi ini tanpa mengira siapa pun dan apa pun dia. Salam sayang selalu.

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bad religion no one

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